Commissioning and providing Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) in your area will improve the life chances of first-time young parents and their children by breaking the cycle of disadvantage. FNP:

  • Helps to identify and manage safeguarding issues quickly and effectively

  • Supports mothers to build self-efficacy, helping them to get back into education, employment or training

  • Improves child health and development (e.g. school readiness)

  • Addresses the six early years high impact areas - transition to parenthood, maternal mental health, breastfeeding, healthy birthweight and nutrition, managing minor illness and reducing accidents, and supporting child development

  • Delivers the Healthy Child Programme to first-time teenage mothers

  • Helps young parents to access and engage with other local services

  • Helps to save money in the long-term by addressing young parents’ needs early.

Our outcomes include:

  • 58% of FNP clients initiate breastfeeding 

  • 81% of FNP babies meet the same developmental milestones as their peers at fourteen months 

  • 92% of FNP babies up to date with immunisations at six months 

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