The FNP programme can help enable young, vulnerable, first-time parents to provide sensitive, responsive care for their children which contributes to improved child development and school readiness at age 5.


We know that achievement in school can make a positive life-long impact on health and wellbeing, and economic stability, and is one of the most significant factors in ‘levelling up’ the life chances of those who grow up living with disadvantage.


Since 2007, across the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) community:

  • We have worked with over 43,000 families

  • We have delivered over 1.7 million home visits

  • 38,000 FNP babies have been born

Enabling young parents to change the course of their lives – and their babies’ lives

Research shows that outcomes for young parents and their babies fall far behind the general population. Young families enrolled in FNP are given intensive support at a critical time in life to help enable them to reach key milestones, which sets a stronger foundation for the future.

FNP programme data shows:

  • 81% of FNP babies meet the same developmental milestones as their peers at fourteen months of age.
  • 92% of FNP babies are up-to-date with immunisations at six months.
  • 64% of FNP clients initiate breastfeeding.               

What young parents tell us:

Hear Ellie talk about how FNP made a difference to her life, told in her own words.



'I can honestly say that without Cheryl doing what she did I wouldn’t be here - she saved my life and I am eternally grateful to her.' Xanathia

'Being a mother should make you feel invincible not invisible' Fateha

'I wanted a different future for my son, unlike the one I experienced, and I’m proud to say I’m working towards that. However, I doubt that any of this would've become a reality without my family nurse.' Sara

'I’m now working as a carer and I am really proud of myself, for not only having a baby, but continuing to work through it. I know I couldn’t have done all of this without my family nurse – Lita has been my rock throughout my journey with Stanley.' Pauline

'It’s thanks to FNP that I managed to find myself again, and I think without the programme (and my baby, of course), I would never have realised what it is that I really wanted to do.' Safia

‘Jenny (my family nurse) shows me how well I am doing which is great because Theo deserves a good mum. FNP has meant so much to us.’ Amelia



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