The Family Nurse Partnership programme is delivered by local FNP teams in 51 areas across England. Each local team is made up of specially trained Family Nurse Partnership supervisors, family nurses, and quality support officers.


Family Nurse Partnership supervisors are experienced and highly skilled health professionals who also receive extensive additional training from the FNP National Unit. They lead the local team by:

  • Providing supervision to their nurses
  • Ensuring safeguarding of clients and their children
  • Developing the learning of the family nurses in their team, and
  • Engaging with a wide range of local stakeholders.

Importantly, they also carry a small caseload of clients.


FNP supervisors provide leadership in their local system. They bring their expertise in working with young, first time mums and their babies, often leading the development of intensive home visiting parenting support pathways for other vulnerable parents in local areas.  


Like supervisors, family nurses are experienced, qualified nurses who undergo extensive additional training. Family nurses visit their clients at home. The focus of visits is shaped by joint decisions between nurses and young parents using a collaborative clinical tool called the New Mum Star. Nurses draw on their own learning, professional knowledge and judgement to work with each individual family. They typically carry a maximum caseload of 25 young families. This reflects the intensity of the programme, which is designed to respond to the needs of a very vulnerable client group.


Quality Support Officers are responsible for a wide range of administrative and data management functions. They work with the supervisor to ensure all client data is up to date, and that relevant reports are compiled on time. Quality Support Officers also create and manage resources and work directly with a range of FNP stakeholders. 


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